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BEAM Central Vacuum Systems is a Sensitive Choice Partner

With asthma and allergies affecting 20% of the population (and growing), the Alliance series was evaluated over a six month period and is now the only Central Vacuum System recommended by the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand.

The Asthma Foundation found that these Systems, by their design, truly help asthma and allergy sufferers breathe healthier air inside their homes, unlike conventional vacuums that can recirculate dust.

A BEAM Central Vacuum System removes 100% of contacted dirt, dust mites, pollen, dander and other allergens and carries them away from living areas, to help improve indoor air quality. Research has proven that a BEAM system provides measurable relief for allergy sufferers (see Naguwa and Gershwin, Davis School of Medicine, CA, USA). A BEAM Central Vacuum System also makes for a cleaner home and healthier living, even for those who don't suffer from allergies.

Sensitive Choice is an independent community services programme that aims to raise the awareness of asthma and allergy friendly products. Look for products with the Blue Butterfly Logo which represents the Sensitive Choice range.

The National Council of Asthma in Australia put together an independent panel of experts to help look at each individual product to make sure it is asthma and allergy friendly. The panel rigorously review each individual product through testing and evidence to make sure that it has the potential to benefit someone who has asthma or allergies

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February 2019 EBOSSNOW Product News
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BEAM Central Vacuum Systems is a Sensitive Choice Partner
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