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BEAM Ducting Installation for a New Tamahere Home

Tim's client is very health conscious and understandably wants the very best air quality in his new home. He also owns a couple of dogs which are sometimes in the house. He wanted to completely expel any microscopic dust or smells which escaped in the exhaust air generated by the system, from the house.

The 700 Power Unit will be installed in the garage with the exhaust of the machine being ducted outside. The System covers the house from four wall hose inlets with a 10 metre hose. A Vacpan in the kitchen and a WallyFlex is also being installed. 

Click through each photo above to see how different parts of the BEAM central cleaning system are installed during the build. 

  • Wall inlet point for hose: Initially a blank plate is fitted and when the plasterboard is installed, a hole is cut around valve. Wall inlets are usually installed at the same height as the electrical points so the finished look of the valve is very discrete.
  • Ducting: Steel brackets are bolted to the top plate when the ducting is required to pass through the plate. This maintains the strength of the plate. The red wire carries the 24volt electrical circuit which provides power to the inlet points. 
  • Power Unit: For this project, plenty of backing wood is provided in the garage, so there is no problem hanging the Power Unit on the wall. A low pipe goes into the intake of the machine. A high pipe is for the exhaust of the machine which is being directed outside.
  • Exhaust: The exhaust pipe carries the exhaust air outside. A muffler is placed online to minimise the noise of the exhaust air being expelled.
  • Vacpan: The Vacpan will be installed in the toe-step of the joinery in the kitchen.

The pride that installer Tim has in his workmanship is reflected in the condition of his work vehicle — a van with the number plate 'U BEAM'. 

For a quality job done in the Hamilton area Tim Garnier is highly recommended. Phone him on 027 575 0718.

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