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Central Cleaning Systems for Smaller Houses and Apartments

The BEAM by Electrolux BM 285 power unit is suitable where:

  • Cost is an important factor; and
  • In situations where there are smaller ducting systems; and
  • Where quietness of operation is required (the BM285 runs at 68 decibels)

Because of the size of the house and the reach of the 10m hoses, often only one or two central wall inlets need to be installed. The interior of the property, including the garage, can be comfortably cleaned from these inlet points.

As more and more people are becoming interested in their general health, central vacuum systems which remove the polluted exhaust air from the living environment (unlike portables), are becoming more popular. The ability to vent this exhaust air directly outside is also a popular option, especially for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

The slight pressure difference created by the removal of air from the room helps draw fresh air back into the room, thus also improving the general air quality.

Builders and designers who include vacuum cleaning systems in the specifications of their projects find that they are including a well used and popular chattel and are catering for the growing numbers of health conscious buyers.

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