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How Commercial Buildings Can Benefit from Central Cleaning Systems

Central Vacuum Systems can be a great asset for a business, helping save time and energy while ensuring a safe and clean environment.

How can a Beam Commercial Central Vacuum System benefit a business?

  • Convenient and easy to use: No more dragging around vacuum cleaners or looking for electrical outlets. Just plug the hose into the wall inlet valve and start cleaning.
  • More power and better investment: Beam Commercial Systems are more durable and last longer than traditional cleaners — up to 20,000 hours of regular use.
  • Reduced cleaning time: The longer hose length lets users clean larger areas at a time. The waste bucket is available up to 90-litres, meaning it doesn't have to be emptied as often, saving time.
  • Efficient: Single and two operator systems mean that multiple floors can be cleaned at the same time, without loss of suction.

Employees and customers will benefit with a safer, cleaner indoor environment:

  • Quiet operation: With the power unit located away from the area being cleaned, business can continue without any noise disruption
  • Allergy, hay-fever and asthma relief: A central vacuum system removes all the contacted dirt, dust, allergens and dirty exhaust air away from the area being cleaned. It does not recirculate them into the air of the room being cleaned, like a portable cleaner
  • Safer and easier for employees: The health and safety factor is important. There is no need to drag around or carry upstairs a heavy portable cleaner. Cleaning is just done with a lightweight hose. There is less strain on maintenance staff, making the workplace safer

Businesses can increase workplace efficiency with a Beam Commercial System. Central Vacuum Systems can be a huge help for commercial buildings including:

  • Apartment buildings: Clean hallways and common areas with ease
  • Hotels and guest houses: Where quiet operation and speed of cleaning is essential
  • Office buildings: No disruption to daily business operations
  • Hospitals, rest homes and schools: An absolute need for where hygiene and cleanliness is required
  • Theatres and restaurants: Public areas which need frequent cleaning
  • Retail shops and hair salons: A safe system of cleaning required
  • Churches and museums: Clean swiftly and quietly with no damage
  • Manufacturing facilities: Where dust, shavings and debris are by-products of production
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