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Setting Out a Beam Central Cleaning System

For a new home, the ducting ideally should be established at the framing stage of construction, after the roof has been completed. The positions of wall inlets for the hose and where the system's power unit will be installed are decided in conjunction with the owner. Correct placement of wall inlets can be checked with a 10m rope or tape when walking around the framing. The rope represents the future hose of the system.

Wall inlets should not be placed behind doors or furniture positions. A measure of slack should also be allowed for, to make future vacuuming easy, especially around furniture. For example, a two-storey home of approx 220m² will often be covered by a central inlet upstairs and two inlets downstairs, with the power unit installed in the attached garage.

Using a floor plan for set-out, cut a small piece of flexible wire to the same scale of the plan 10m long. Now overlay this wire on the plan and jiggle around the plan. Doing this can help designers and homeowners work out the positioning and the number of wall inlets required for the house.

A good place for the power unit is often in the far return corner, at the front of the garage by the door. Venting the exhaust of the system is also a good idea if the family have members who suffer from asthma or allergies. This can often be done easily, with a short piece of ducting up through the ceiling, across the top plate and the down through the soffit.

The cost to establish the ducting is about 1/3 of the total cost of the system.

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