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Minimise Energy Use with High-Performing CO2 Heat Pumps

Houses built today need to serve current needs while considering the needs of future generations. The decisions made now in the specification and design of homes have a significant cumulative impact over time.

Providing hot water is still the number one energy use for most homes. This is especially true in new builds where more efficient heating, insulation, solar design, lighting and appliances mean less total energy use. As these energy demands diminish, efficient water heating becomes increasingly important for better performing homes.

Heating water from ambient to 60°C takes a fixed amount of heat energy; how this heat is generated is the critical question we need to ask.

Should fossilised solar energy in the form of natural gas and LPG continue to be burned? Are there better ways to use renewable electricity from hydro dams and wind turbines, such as for charging electric vehicles? 

To minimise the energy used in homes for heating water, a smart option is the use of carbon dioxide, a natural refrigerant which has a Co-efficient of Performance (COP) of 5 or more. Japanese companies have developed CO2-powered heat pumps, widely known as EcoCute, to deliver this outstanding heating performance with minimal environmental impact.

Using CO2 refrigerants means higher performance during operation and therefore lower lifetime energy use. In addition, when released, CO2 has a Global Warming Potential of only x 1 compared to traditional refrigerants of x 1,300. This means that every single kilo of standard refrigerant emitted to the atmosphere is the equivalent of 1.3 tonnes of CO2.

Apricus are pleased to offer this CO2 heat pump technology in New Zealand with Reclaim Energy Hot Water Heat Pumps. 

Here are some of Reclaim Energy's other attributes: 

  • Suitable for medium density and apartments — separate outdoor compressor and cylinder
  • Whisper quiet operation — 37dB
  • Indoor or outdoor hot water cylinder — New Zealand made, duplex stainless steel
  • Extremely rapid heat recovery — water delivered at 63°C from the heat pump

When considering sustainable water heating for upcoming projects, contact Apricus to discuss project requirements, and discover the most effective hot water heating solution.

View more information on Apricus NZ Eco Energy, including contact details.
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