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Apricus Offers Energy-Efficient Solar Hot Water Systems

Apricus has been a leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality evacuated tube solar water heating systems since 2003. The company was founded by Mick Humphreys to deliver simple and effective solutions for families and businesses concerned about the effects of climate change and rising energy costs.

The Apricus ETC30 collector sets an international benchmark for performance and is installed on thousands of homes, commercial buildings and industrial plants around the world. The ETC30 has been developed for long-lasting, high-performance operation in all climates and weather conditions.  

Annual output and manufacturing quality are certified by the major international solar testing organisations (Solar Keymark, Europe; SRCC, USA; TUV and Global Mark, international). ETC30 collectors include a comprehensive 10-year warranty and can be easily refurbished after 20 years of operation for an extended life.

Apricus systems provide very low carbon emission hot water, plus big savings on power bills. The ETC30 collector harvests solar energy and stores it in the hot water cylinder for use later in the day and following morning. The collectors are extremely efficient, operating at up to 70% solar energy conversion efficiency. This ensures maximum solar output from the roof area: 2kW peak for 4.4m² of roof.

“Water heating is generally the biggest individual power demand in homes and apartments,” says Marcus Baker, Apricus NZ Managing Director. “As lighting, heating and appliances become more energy-efficient, a greater proportion of every home’s energy is used to heat water. Fundamental thermal dynamics haven’t changed so we need to address water heating directly.”

An Apricus solar system will reduce annual energy use for water heating by 75% in an individual house or townhouse.

Apartments and commercial building solar systems are specifically designed and modelled by Apricus, with the aim of reducing annual energy for hot water by 50% to 70%. 

The systems contribute significant points to achieve NZGBC Homestar (EHC-5) and Greenstar (ENE-1) certification.

When considering sustainable water heating for upcoming projects, contact Apricus to discuss project requirements, and discover the most effective hot water heating solution.

View more information on Apricus NZ Eco Energy, including contact details.
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