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Reduce Energy and Water Waste with the FlowSmart Hot Water Circulator

Modern homes often have at least one bathroom or other hot water use that is further away (more than 12 metres) from the main hot water system, meaning householders can have a long wait for hot water and will waste a lot of water down the drain whilst waiting. This problem is often overcome by installing a second water heater, but this adds cost to the build and multiple water heaters make it much harder to have a really energy-efficient hot water system with a heat pump, solar system or central heating boiler.

FlowSmart is being used in homes to resolve this issue, delivering almost instant hot water to the remotest fittings without wasting energy or water.

The FlowSmart system uses a smart controller that:

  • Runs the system for up to three time periods a day to meet the household’s hot water needs, with an easy to adjust timer
  • Turns off the system as soon as hot water is available at the remote outlet, using an adjustable thermostat

The hot water is circulated with an ultra-low energy, silent pump through well-insulated pipework, ensuring there is negligible additional energy used. This wastes much less energy than the daily heat loss from an extra hot water cylinder or the efficiency loss of an extra instant gas water heater.

The control system is plug and play for easy specification and installation. The pump, controller and thermostat are all located in the cylinder cupboard and can be fitted to any standard hot water cylinder. On-site trades install the system with minimal additional work during pre-line and fit-off stages. No specialist skills or materials are required beyond the normal requirements for site trades.

The affordability of the system means that FlowSmart is the perfect complement and enabler for a more efficient hot water system, such as a heat pump or solar system. In this way a single, efficient hot water system with FlowSmart provides the householder with maximum savings without compromising their lifestyle.

Get in touch with Apricus Eco Energy on for design and specification support for all your energy-efficient hot water needs.

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