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Alumat Introduces New Modular Entrance Matting

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, MODUL modular entrance matting cleans and dries footwear to keep interiors clean, dry and safe. A closer look at the surface shows an attractive combination of rigid scraper bars, absorbent infills and even water drain channels. The channels are important as matting with infills alone will release water as quickly as it absorbs it when under compression. Drain channels improve the mat's water retention capacity. What MODUL doesn't do is discharge water and waste materials under the mat which means the mat never needs uplifting for cleaning,

The mat is comprised of interlocking 500 x 250mm tiles meaning the complexities of freighting long lengths of aluminium and difficult installations in confined spaces are no longer an issue. Assembly is quick and easy; whole tiles are simply laid and perimeter tiles cut to size on site with no issues or fuss.

With tiles at just 10mm in height, there is no need to create a set down or mat well to have a level transition to other floor coverings. Carpet, carpet tiles, or ceramic floor tiles simply flow from one to the other. In the event of vinyl flooring being adjacent, an 8 to 10mm tile trim is sufficient to bring the surfaces flush. For polished concrete flooring, ramping is available.

How does the performance compare in other ways?

The tile bases are made from high compression PVC and will more than cope with heavy rolling loads. Often single layer aluminium frames can be seen to buckle, 'dish' or distort. This is caused by loading at a point where the substrate is not perfectly level. Aluminium when bent does not rebound. MODUL will adapt to the floor surface and is very forgiving if there are some undulations without clatter, rattle or distortion.

If any damage occurs (perhaps paint spillage or the need to replace just a small area of a large mat), individual tiles can be lifted and replaced, without the need for costly total replacement.

Talk to Alumat Flooring if you have any questions or would like a product sample.

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