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18 July 2017

Achieving Clean Flush Lines around Windows and Doors

EZ Concept EZYJamb 2

The ever-increasing trend towards minimalistic interior design is no surprise; multiple world-wide studies link clean, spacious and simplistic spaces to calmness, happiness and a feeling of content.

This has driven architects and designers to critically consider the furniture, layout and content of offices and homes when designing, to ensure only the most essential elements are used.

Having been a long-time staple in homes and office construction, architraves around doors and windows get specified into spaces without a second thought. A standard requirement to bridge the gap between the window frame or door jamb and plasterboard or wall lining; the architrave creates a border framing the shape and outline of the space and creates a need for additional painting for contrast and detail.

Advanced techniques in cold rolled steel have allowed for endless possibilities when it comes to creating interior finishings for plasterboard in residential and commercial environments. Two-piece split stile and solid custom-made steel door jambs and window reveals allow for the plasterboard to be set flush into the jamb and window, eliminating the need for architraves and creating a clean line finish.

This clean approach to finishing edges allows for a quick finish as the steel systems are specialty coated with ZF100 Zincanneal and are ready to paint as per the requirements of AS/NZS 2311:2009, Guide to the Painting of Buildings. The specialised coating allows the system to be painted with the exact same coating as the rest of the walls, ensuring the window reveals and door jambs blend into the overall appearance of the same space.

Successfully passing 10,000 door slam testing, these door jambs essentially clasp the wall construction framing and plasterboard, allowing for around 60Kg per door to be hung from them.

EZY Jamb Installation Detail

Whilst traditional techniques of employing architraves to cover the gap between the window frame and the plaster provide a satisfactory result, newer steel systems aim to blend the plasterboard into the window sill, leaving a seamless finish that won't crack or deform over time, and are more robust than PVC or plasterboard reveals. Steel reveal systems can be installed to suit a range of window installations:


Studco Building Systems thrive on challenges and have been involved in iconic projects world-wide with their innovative range of finishing and steel framing systems. Studco encourages architects to challenge their thinking of architraves and approach Studco and their NZ distribution partners, Forman Building Systems for engineering advice and bespoke steel solutions for your project.

Forman Building Systems

0800 45 4000

View more information on Studco Building Systems, including contact details.
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