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Sam McKechnie
Sam McKechnie
on Steel Systems for Framing and Architectural Finishings
Business Development

Sam McKechnie is a building solutions design engineer with 20 years’ experience in cold-formed structures and he currently heads up the Business Development Team at Studco Building Systems.

22 July 2019

Soundproofing Techniques: Which Method is Right for Your Project?

Resilmount M237R Decoupling

There are four main ways to soundproof a room: decoupling, absorption, damping and mass. Whilst all methods have their merits and achieve different results, for the best ratings, it is recommended to use all four methods in one assembly.

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24 June 2019

How Do Resilient Mounts Aid in Soundproofing?

Resilmount installaed in Margaret Court Arena

Resilient mounts, also known as sound isolation clips, are used as a way of disconnecting the wall system in acoustic wall and ceiling assemblies to provide noise reduction.

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01 November 2018

Framing Structure Options for Internal Doorways

Framing Structure Options for Internal Doorways

Ensuring strong internal doorways requires comprehensive framing systems, but with so many framing options available, which system provides the best results?

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23 February 2018

Sound Isolation for Multi-Residential Dwellings

acoustic sound transfer apartment living

How can we achieve the desired sound transfer and impact ratings for suspended ceilings in multi-residential apartments?

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24 November 2017

Improve Livability and Eliminate Creaking in Apartments

Studco apartment office block creaky 1

A trend is appearing among several apartment towers and hotels around the globe where residents and guests are complaining of loud creaking and groaning noises emanating from the internal wall structure during high wind events. 

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25 October 2017

Specify Compliant Internal Wall Openings with Confidence

1710 Sam Mckechnie

Understanding the framing structure of internal wall openings can open new possibilities in designing architectural spaces. Working with a quality steel framing manufacturer that can provide engineering solutions to your project can be an invaluable tool to ensuring your design specifications are met.

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28 August 2017

Simple and Long-Lasting Solutions to Ceiling Pelmets and Recesses

Steel pelmet and recess systems can increase design flexibility, and provide easy installation and a resilient finish that doesn't crack, warp or undulate over time.

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18 July 2017

Achieving Clean Flush Lines around Windows and Doors

EZ Concept EZYJamb 2

While traditional architraves cover the gap between the window frame and the plaster, newer steel systems blend the plasterboard into the window sill, leaving a seamless finish that won't crack or deform over time.

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