Product Catalogue

EBOSS is New Zealand's largest architectural product information database for specifiers. A product catalogue in the EBOSS library is a content and marketing solution for New Zealand suppliers of architectural products.


Be visible

Join 221 leading architectural product suppliers in NZ’s largest and most widely used architectural database.¹


Simplify your technical content

Over 34,000 NZ specifiers use EBOSS to access product information because it's clear, comprehensive and simple.²


Increase product selection

Use your EBOSS catalogue to differentiate your products from competitors and articulate benefits to target specifiers.


features 03

Your brand in front of specifiers

Expose your brand, ranges and products to specifiers searching the EBOSS website.

  •   Unlimited ranges
  •   Unlimited products
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features 07

Simple yet comprehensive product literature

Provide specifiers with simple access to the necessary product literature for making selection decisions and preparing construction documentation.

  •  Unlimited product literature uploads
  •  Help builders comply with section 362T of The Building Act by providing warranty and maintenance documentation
More info on section 362T

features 09

Assurance and efficiency

EBOSS has worked with MBIE and councils to format information that illustrates where your product can be used and how it performs to the requirements of The Building Code. This speeds up the consents process and is mandatory for suppliers under Section 14G of The Building Act.

  •  Reduce council requests for information
  •  Meet your obligations under section 14G of The Building Act
More info on section 14G

features 12

Manage your drawing downloads

Products in your EBOSS catalogue include a simple downloader for specifiers to find and access the appropriate drawing  — whether it’s CAD, BIM, installation details, a particular configuration or file type.

  •  Preview images
  •  Custom filters

features 14

Showcase examples of use

Proof of NZ-specific use and performance is integral for specifiers when researching and selecting products. Add written case studies to your catalogue that show how a product achieved a design solution in a project.

  •  Unlimited case studies promoted in online magazine EBOSSNOW
  •  Selected case studies promoted in EBOSSNOW email newsletter
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Receive direct enquiries

Your catalogue’s contact form brings specifier enquiries straight to your inbox.

  •  Unlimited enquiries


All prices in NZD and exclude GST.

Product catalogue
Includes the following:
  •    Unlimited ranges
  •    Unlimited products
  •   Unlimited product literature
  •    Drawings downloader
  •    Unlimited enquiries
  •    Manage your own content
  •    Inclusion of product articles and case studies in monthly newsletter, EBOSSNOW
API catalogue embed
Display your EBOSS catalogue on your website:
  •    Copy and paste one snippet of code
  •    Raw API access to all of your catalogue data
From $50/month
Content creation services
Product loading service
EBOSS can load technical product content for time poor suppliers.
$300/10 products
EBOSS has an in-house copywriter who can produce a case study for you that highlights the benefits of your product and how it was used successfully to meet a performance or design requirement on a specific project.
This includes a telephone interview with a key member of the project team (architect, main contractor or product installer) and includes publication in EBOSSNOW.
(generally approx 400 words)
Content review services
Architectural content audit
Undertaken by an experienced architectural librarian:
  •    In-person consultation
  •    Appraisal of literature's relevancy and presentation
  •    Written report with timeline for suggested changes
  •   Two additional progress reviews (via email)
Ad hoc architectural information consultation
Undertaken by an experienced architectural librarian, including:
  •    Specific content review
  •    New product audit
  •    Practice presentation advice

¹ VantagePoint Best in Building Survey 2012
² All audience numbers as at March 2015